Award Winning Chiropractor in Richmond

Richmond Family and Sports Chiropractic takes a caring and personalised approach to providing the best standard of chiropractic treatment in the inner Melbourne suburbs. Our chiropractors take the time to listen to you in order to diagnose and treat the exact cause of your issue.

Our highly accredited and experienced chiropractors believe in working hard to gain the patients trust and form a successful relationship on the road to rehabilitation. Our chiropractic services are perfect for people suffering from back pain, neck pain, stress/anxiety and for sports players looking for rehabilitation after an injury.

Located in Richmond, our chiropractic clinic is conveniently situated for people seeking our services in Cremorne, Abbotsford, Fitzroy and throughout the inner suburbs of Melbourne.

We Utilise the Most Updated Industry Knowledge

At Richmond Family and Sports Chiropractic, our professional chiropractors are constantly keeping updated with the latest industry knowledge in order to provide the most advanced treatment method available in the Richmond area.

We utilise a gentle approach to your treatment, with calming methods that work to improve the flow and mobility of the body. We don’t just concentrate on your back, as we understand that this may not be the root cause of your problem. Instead, we take a comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment. This way, if there is another part of the body that could be causing your problem we can diagnose and treat it effectively.

We Care About Your Health

Richmond Family and Sports Chiropractic do not provide a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to chiropractic services. We understand that each patient and their problem is different, and therefore take a customised approach to treatment.

We truly care about our patients’ health and their ability to move with ease and fluidity. Therefore, when you come into Richmond Family and Sports Chiropractic you will be welcomed by our friendly team and chiropractors, before going to work on diagnosis and rehabilitation.


Looking for a Consultation?

If you would like to hold a consultation with one of our highly trained and experienced chiropractors, or have any further enquiries about the chiropractic services provided by our clinic, feel free to get in contact with our friendly team of staff. We are committed to providing an exceptional standard of patient service, and will be happy to book you in for a time that suits you best or answer any questions you have for our clinic.

Call (03) 9427 0006 and we will be happy assist you with your enquiries.